1.                           BULBIPEDIA   POKEMON FIRERED

bulbipedia was chuggaaconroy's first pokemon back in pokemon firered it evolved into ivysaur in part 6 inside mt.moon against a random incount and it is unknown what pokemon he was battling because he started recording right after the pokemon left the screen it evolved into venasaur in part 22 at saffron city in a battle against one of the trainer at the gym it is currently at levle 66 with the moveset  and is a grass and poison type

1.frenzy plant


pokemon firered bulbipedia the venasaur

2.sleep powder


4.razor leaf


pokemon firered chuggaaconroy's bulbipedia the bulbisaur


1.chuggaaconroy didnt name his bulbiedia untill later in the seiries

2.bulbisaur was chuggaaconroy's first grass type as well as his first poison type

3.he named his venasaur after the website bulbipedia because hat is where he gets the information for his bios


pokemon firered chuggaaconroy's bulbipedia the ivysaur

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