teddy Edit


pokemon emerald chuggaaconroys teddy the slaking

teddy is a male despite its name chuggaaconroy thought it would be a funny name because he named it after one of his 2 cats he acuely got it because he wanted to chalenge himself but he also said himeself later oon that teddy acuoly wasnt that bad and after it was fully evolved it was his powerhouse in emerald its ability makes it so it only atacks every other turn  he caught it in part 3 it evolved into vigoroth in part 12 in a battle against youngster ben and evolved into slaking in part 33 useing a rare candyEdit


chuggaaconroy named his male slaking after 1 of his 2 male cat
The bob hope bird

teddy the slokoth


teddy the vigeroth

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